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What To Know Before Getting Professional Vehicle Care

What You Should Know Before Getting Professional Vehicle Care
Follow this guide for more peace of mind in getting vehicle care.

Getting professional vehicle care requires a level of trust in your mechanic of choice. Because of the nature of the industry and how work is performed, you should come to the shop with a clear understanding of all your options before any repairs are made. Follow this guide for more peace of mind in getting vehicle care.

“Check Engine” False Alarms

In some cases, there’s no need for alarm when your check engine light comes on.  Some scenarios that won’t require repairs at all. When you see the check engine light, it produces at least one Diagnostic Trouble Code. Some of these codes, however, don’t require repair and the cause of the light won’t negatively affect the operation of your vehicle at all.

Consult a Labor Guide

Each year, several different guides outline the number of labor hours that should be charged for each specific repair. However, there are many situations where mechanics will essentially charge whatever they want, based on their own systems. Do your homework on the work that needs to be done on your vehicle to determine whether you’re being overcharged for the work.   

Keeping Your Parts

To ensure that your vehicle was repaired, in many states you are well within your rights to ask for those replaced parts back. Sometimes, parts will be rebuilt and sold in aftermarket sales, so if your mechanic wants to keep your parts, you should be compensated for the value. Asking for those parts back also gives the impression that you are fully aware of the laws and procedures for vehicle repair.

Shop Around

Don’t forget that you can always shop around. If you’re given an estimate that you believe is too high or, if you’d just like a second opinion about the work that needs to be done on your vehicle, you can and should take the time to do that, to give yourself that much more peace of mind. After gathering more than one opinion, you’ll be able to make a more knowledgeable decision.

Sign-off Requirement

Because of the often-high costs that are associated with vehicle repair, it’s important that your mechanic gets your permission before starting repairs. Authorize all work being performed and compare that work with the final bill that you receive.

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