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What You Should Know About Running Boards

Learn all you need to know about running boards!

Running boards are a fantastic addition to your ride,  and make your SUV or truck more usable for passengers who want to get inside the cabin without a ladder. Running bars offer a step up to help you and your passengers easily get inside of your vehicle. What do you need to know about running boards before getting one installed?

How Much Space is There Between the Cab Length and the Wheel-to-Wheel Running Boards?

Side steps that are the length of the cab are the most common type of running board. Wheel to wheel, on the other hand, span the length of the rear wheel well and also enable you to step up to your truck bed. The wheel to wheel running boards are the best option if you need to access your truck bed frequently.

What Does the Recessed Area Do?

Every running board has a small recessed area with a dip in it. Those are the places where tubing and step pads are mounted. Some consumers wonder why running boards are designed in this way, but the answer is important! Running boards with recessed areas are very strong and rust-resistant. These models will not be susceptible to corrosion like older models of running boards that have a cutout design.

What Type of Running Board Should You Get?

The two most common types of running boards are cold-rolled carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel that is cold rolled is a steel alloy. Unfortunately, this type of running board is more likely to be corroded even if they are powder coated. Stainless steel running boards are a much better option if you can afford to invest in them. Stainless steel running boards are very resistant to corrosion and can also be polished to a bright shiny finish that will accent your truck or SUV nicely. If possible, stainless steel running boards are your best bet.

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