Shocks and Struts

How Do You Know When Your Vehicle Needs New Shocks and Struts?

How Do You Know When Your Vehicle Needs New Shocks and Struts?
Worn out shocks and struts can also wear down your tires.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, safety and performance should be your two top priorities. After all, whenever you’re behind the wheel, you want to be sure that you and all of your passengers are as safe and comfortable as possible. Good shocks and struts make for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. Can you recognize when your vehicle’s shocks and struts are worn out? What about when they need to be replaced? Here’s how you can see it’s time to get new shocks and struts installed.

Rougher And Noisier Rides

Bumpy roads are to be expected when you’re out for a drive. But when something is wrong with your shocks and struts, you’ll have a rougher and noisier ride than usual. Struts are installed on your vehicle to help it handle all the bumps in the road that you encounter on a daily basis. You can identify a problem with your struts when you hear a strange clunking sound that is due to metal scraping against metal. Aging shock systems might also feature a piston system that is beginning to fall apart, which means any little vibration from the vehicle in motion will reverberate up through your steering column and into your hands and arms. Once you decide to replace both your shocks and your struts, you should change them at the same time to prevent future problems.

Alignment Problems While Braking

You could also run into alignment problems while you are using your brakes. Your car could float to one side when you brake, which obviously isn’t a good sign. Fatigued struts can cause all sorts of alignment problems with your vehicle. If the seals inside your shocks have broken, even small changes in steering or braking will give you lots of recoil. All of your truck’s weight could potentially shift forward when you hit the brakes, which will cause the nose of the truck to dip as well.

Delays in Braking Response

Along with alignment problems, badly worn shocks and struts will cause your brakes to be unresponsive at worst or slow to respond at best. Thus, it’ll take longer for your brakes to work, meaning you can’t stop as quickly. To find out if your shocks and struts are shot, conduct the bounce test on your vehicle – push down on each corner of your vehicle before you get in. When you let go of each corner, you should see it resume its original position, or resting height. If the corners of your vehicle don’t bounce back to their original position after two bounces, you should invest in some new shocks and struts.

Worn Out Tires

Worn out shocks and struts can also wear down your tires. Worn out tires are going to cause even more problems, especially with your suspension. You should replace your tires as soon as possible because worn down tires will make the ride even bumpier if you don’t. However, tire replacement alone won’t fix the problem. You will also need to realign your suspension and have your shocks and struts replaced.

Hydraulic Fluid Leaks

Lastly, be on the lookout for hydraulic fluid leaks. Any sign of leaking means your shocks are not performing at their optimal levels  – and the leaking will leave some ugly stains on your driveway!

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