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Let’s Get Your Vehicle Ready For Fall

As all the Halloween fun settles down, it’s time to get back to the business of getting things prepared for the colder months, like our homes and cars. Vehicle maintenance is really important for our cars and trucks to last through the cold elements that come along with the winter time.


Ready For Fall

Here are some helpful suggestions on taking care of your vehicle this Fall:




Brakes are a very important item on any vehicle. These need to be routinely checked out only as an integral part to our cars, but for our safety as well. You should never have to question whether you have quality brakes on your vehicle, just in case they are needed to slow down or to avoid an accident. 




The battery is one of the core parts to a vehicle working properly. A good idea is for every so often to check the battery connections to make sure they are unharmed and working properly. Look around the area as well to make sure it is clean and there is no corrosion. Also be wary when charging the battery, it can actually shorten the life of it if you overcharge it.


Wipers and Blades


Windshield wipers and your defrosters are what you need in order to see through your windshield properly in the wintertime. Make sure you have a good set of wiper blades on them to work efficiently. If there are any tears or rips, consider replacing them. It is also important for the defrosters and heat to work properly. Keeping the car warmed up and heat flowing well is beneficial. 


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