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License Plate Frames and What to Do With Them

license plate frames
License plates frames can be annoying and unsightly.

When you have a brand new car or used car, you are probably dealing with unsightly license plate frames advertising the business that you purchased from (or that the previous owner was a “Princess”). If you want to get rid of the license plate frames on your car once and for all, here are some simple steps to doing so.

Check the Law

Different states and municipalities have different laws governing license plate frames. In some areas, they are illegal if they block any part of the plate, including registration stickers. In some states, license plate frames are legal but license plate covers are not, even if they are clear and simply adding extra protection. Before you get started on removing or replacing your license plate frames, make sure you research the legal aspects.

Gather Your Supplies

Purchase 2-4 nylon plugs (black or white), 1 package of color touch-up paint to match the color of your car, a piece of scrap wood, liquid nails, an electric drill with a 5/16” drill bit, and a razor blade or knife.

Get the Job Done

Follow the following quick steps to remove your license plate frames:

  1. If your bracket is attached with screws or bolts, use the appropriate screwdriver or socket wrench to get them off and remove the bracket.
  2. If your bracket is attached with a rivet, you will need to drill it out using a 1/8” drill bit in the center of the rivet. Once it is pushed all the way through, the rivets will disconnect and you can remove the bracket.
  3. Clean the area with a wet rag.
  4. If you want to repair the holes in your car, widen the holes so that they are 5/16” and big enough to fit the plugs. Bore out the existing hole. Paint the nylon plugs to match the color of your car, using multiple coats and letting them completely dry in between.
  5. Put the nylon plugs in. That’s all!

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