Lighting And Why You Need It

If you want ambient lighting, this is one of the things you’ll want to add to your vehicle. These are great lights and they have more than one purpose that is beneficial. You can add these to your car or truck to enhance a look you are going for. You can also have these installed in order to add more interior light in your vehicle. This would be good for seeing at night or being able to see a phone or map better. 

Lighting And Why You Need It


Adding lights to the floor is another option. Lights in your footwells are a pretty cool, and low cost install that will make your interior look cooler. These come in an array of colors, so there is something that will fit your style. Having lights near the floor also helps if you may have dropped something there, or need to adjust your floor mats.


Halo Rings


Looking for that elevated look that will have every passer-byer saying ‘wow’? Install some halo rings. Halo rings go by a few other names: halos, corona rings, and angel eyes. They are circular rings that are assembled around your headlights and create an illuminating effect. These types of lights are versatile too! Not only can you put around your headlights, you can also use them on your taillights, exhaust pipes, or another spot that would look great with an accentuated light. They most commonly come in blue, green, white, or red. But if you are lucky, you can also find them in purple and rainbow style. 


Light Bars


Light bars  are long lights that run along the underneath of your vehicle near the doors. They are most often placed here in order to see getting into your vehicle and to see side steps. However, these too have a multifunctional purpose. Light bars can be added to other places like the bumper, grill, or above your windows. Here, you have the option for having just a single light bar, or going all the way up to a triple light bar.  


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