How To Maintain A Vehicle That Is Not Being Driven Often

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a massive reduction of vehicles on the roads. In response to CDC guidance, a majority of individuals are staying at home, only leaving for necessary reasons.

During this time, it is important to remember to care and maintain your vehicle while your vehicle remains seldom used. That way, your vehicle will be ready to go when everything is back to normal.

maintain vehicle

Clean the interior

Regardless of when you plan on driving next, it is important to keep the interior of your vehicle clean at all times. Remove any food remnants that would attract rodents or other hungry animals.

Clear your vehicle of all trash – it will leave your vehicle smelling rotten and stale. For extra precaution, add an air freshener to repel any foul odors and keep your new car smell a little longer.

Start the car

If possible, it is a good idea to start your vehicle every few days to let it run for a few minutes. Even if you do not drive it anywhere, turning the car on will keep the car running properly and prevent problems from arising.

Starting the car will allow the fluids to circulate through the engine and prevent them from pooling or congealing.

Protect the battery

If you are planning to leave your vehicle idle for an extended period of time, it is important to take steps to protect your battery.

Disconnecting the battery is a great way to prevent battery corrosion. To keep your battery from losing charge, drivers can connect the battery to a trickle charger or battery tender. Be sure to use a tool that has an automatic shut-off feature. This will keep your battery fully charged, but not overcharged.

Fill up your gas tank

If you are able to visit a gas station, it is a good idea to fill up your gas tank before any length of inactivity. A full tank will prevent moisture from accumulating and rust from occurring. It will also keep your fuel lines and seals from drying out.

If you are preparing to store your vehicle for the next few weeks, consider adding a fuel stabilizer. This will not only protect the engine from corroding and varnishing but also prevent the gas from deteriorating.

Checklist before driving

Before driving your vehicle again after an extended period of time, maintain your vehicle by going over this simple checklist to ensure driver safety.

Inspect the windshield to ensure it has not been cracked. Check fluid levels and top off if needed. Check the tire pressure and tread.

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