Modifications For A Safe Off-Roading Experience

Nowadays most vehicles come complete with off-roading capabilities directly from the assembly line. But as with all driving, there is no such thing as being too safe.

Drivers never fully know what they might encounter on their off-roading adventures, which is why it is better to be prepared. These four modifications can turn any vehicle into a machine built for the wild.


Trail Grappler Tires

Off-roading surfaces differ greatly from paved surfaces, even in the best weather conditions.

Trail grappler tires are built for off-road performance with deep tread and thick rubber construction. A deep tread allows for greater traction and grip when traveling through mud, snow, or sand.

The thick material decreases the chances of a punctured wheel when driving over rocks, trees, or bushes.


A hitch holds many responsibilities, including mounting, and most importantly, towing.

When off-roading, drivers should always expect the unexpected. If your vehicle happens to get stuck in the mud or snow, your hitch will serve as a solid tow point. This will allow your off-roading partners to quickly pull you back to the road and back to the fun.

In addition, a hitch also allows you to carry larger items such as bikes, coolers, and grills. This is very beneficial for when your off-roading adventure involves a destination.

Skid Plate

A lift kit can improve your ground clearance, but that does not mean your vehicle is immune to dangerous objects in your path.

A skid plate is designed to protect the underside of your vehicle from harsh terrains. along with its critical components. The piece of metal affixes to the underside of your vehicle to prevent damages to the radiator, transmission, oil pan, and driveshaft.

Light Bar

When you are not driving on the streets, there are no street lights to guide your travels. That is why it is important to have an extra set of lights when off-roading.

An LED light bar can be mounted to the windshield frame, hood, or bumper to provide a powerful lighting solution. As a driver, it is always important to see in front of you so you can maneuver around or over.

Headache Bar

A purpose of a headache bar is to protect passengers against loose cargo in the bed of a truck. If the cargo is not properly secured, it could easily break through the rear view window. The headache bar is mounted just behind the truck’s cab to prevent damages and  passenger injuries.

Driving off road is incredibly unpredictable. Sudden stops, turns, and objects in the road can all lead to loose cargo being tossed around in the bed.

The best way to ensure these belongings do not become a threat to passengers is to install a headache bar.

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