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How Much Do You Know About Motor Oil?

How Much Do You Know About the Motor Oil in Your Vehicle’s Engine?
Whatever you drive, be it a car, a truck, or something else, you’re going to need high some high-quality motor oil.

Your vehicle’s engine is one of the most critical parts to keep well-maintained. Whatever you drive, be it a car, a truck, or something else, you’re going to need high some high-quality motor oil. After all, motor oil is essential to keeping your engine healthy. The only question left is this: how much do you know about the motor oil in your vehicle’s engine?

Conventional Motor Oil

The next time you require an oil change, you’ll have a choice to make: do you need conventional motor oil or synthetic? Let’s break down the differences between them. First off, we’ll discuss conventional motor oil. It’s called conventional because it is refined from the valuable resource known as crude oil.

However, this isn’t pure oil that you can pick up and pour into your engine. There are additional ingredients that are mixed in to coax better performance out of your vehicle’s engine. The main problem with this is that you’ll have to change your oil far more frequently. You might have heard you need to do this change every 3,000 miles, but you can wait until you hit 5,000. Synthetic motor oil is more convenient than conventional oil, but let’s look at some other benefits.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Now, let’s take a closer look at synthetic motor oil. The higher cost of synthetic oil means there are some more benefits you might not have considered before. Synthetic oils don’t have the additives that conventional oil does, which helps keep your engine cleaner. In turn, this means you don’t need to stop to get your oil changed as often; ultimately, when you need the oil change comes down to how much driving you plan on doing this spring.

For those of you with wanderlust, you’ll be cheered to know that you can go farther on synthetic oil since you won’t need an oil change until the next 7,500-mile plateau, or 10,000 miles at most. If you don’t know what to do next, don’t hesitate to come into Trick Trucks and have our experts assess the condition of your vehicle’s engine. The last thing you need is to have an unexpected breakdown in terrible weather when you don’t have any cell phone reception.

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