How Do I Know When to Replace My Muffler?

When it comes to the routine upkeep of your vehicle, you may consider yourself an expert. But, while owners may come to know a few common maintenance tasks, there are many services that slip past the untrained eye, such as when a muffler and exhaust system should be replaced.

Unlike an oil change, this maintenance does not come with a convenient sticker on the windshield.  

What Signs Should I Look For?

When a muffler needs to be replaced, you might not necessarily see anything wrong with it, but you will most likely hear something wrong. If you are among the majority of Mufflerindividuals that drive every day, you have probably become familiar with how your vehicle normally sounds. Be on the lookout for any strange or rattling noises, or if your vehicle suddenly seems louder than normal.

Another sign of muffler failure is physical damage or weakness. When mufflers are affected by excessive corrosion or punctures, they can be harmful to the driver and the passengers. The purpose of a muffler is to direct the exhaust of out the vehicle, but a hole in the muffler can cause the exhaust gases to seep inside the car.

This is especially dangerous because toxic gas can cause headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, and even be lethal in high enough doses. In addition to harming your passengers, a damaged muffler can affect your vehicle’s emissions, which leads to pollution of the atmosphere.

As you check your mufflers physical appearance, it is also important to check for water leakage. Mufflers are designed to have a small hole, or “weep hole”, that drains water from the lower end. While this hole is supposed to be there, other holes are not.

If your muffler is leaking water from several holes, it may escalate into more serious problems throughout the rest of the exhaust system. The holes will cause the exhaust system to condense, meaning the moisture from the vehicle will have no way of moving outside; too much moisture inside can cause instant muffler failure.  

The final sign you should be observant of is if your gas mileage has drastically decreased. When a muffler is in tip-top condition it helps with gas efficiency, but a damaged muffler can cause fuel injectors to malfunction. These malfunctions result in extra fuel being sent to the engine, which causes your vehicle to burn rich or stall out from lack of oxygen.

If you have inspected your vehicle’s muffler and noticed any of these signs, or heard any unusual sounds, it seems like a replacement is in your future. If you are not quite sure if your vehicle needs a new muffler, come out to Trick Trucks for a second opinion. 

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