Nurf Bars

What Do You Need to Know About Nurf Bars for Your Truck?

What Do You Need to Know About Nurf Bars for Your Truck?
Their name sounds silly, but nurf bars are tremendously useful add-ons for your truck.

Their name sounds silly, but nurf bars are tremendously useful add-ons for your truck. Whether you drive a regular truck, or you would prefer an SUV instead, both can make use of this accessory. Let’s find out more about what you need to know about them.

Along the Cab

First, let’s look at nurf bars that run along the entire length of your truck’s cab. These accessories are mounted behind the front wheels on both sides of your truck. There are places for you to step up without fear of falling since the pads are given enough tread to grip your shoes.

Another awesome benefit of these bars is that they can deflect any twigs, pebbles, or small debris that you might run into while out and about protecting your ride’s paint. Because of how high they sit off the ground and how they can bend without breaking, these nurf bars are great choices for your next off-road excursion.

From Wheel to Wheel

Wheel-to-wheel nurf bars are slightly different. These bars are better suited to standard trucks than SUVs. Another step-up is added near the rear set of wheels, which will allow you to lean into your truck bed without too much effort. Plus, if you need to attach a bike or bed frame to your roof rack, having wheel-to-wheel nurf bars makes that process so much easier.


While rounded nurf bars give you plenty of support to climb up and down, you might find that oval-shaped bars are more to your liking instead. Oval-shaped nurf bars are much wider, which means getting kids in and out of the truck is easier, and it helps you assist parents or those with mobility issues get in and out as well. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they’re also astonishingly easy to attach to your truck. They come with bolts that you slide right on, so you won’t need to grab the drill to fasten them.

Sport Tubes


The last type of nurf bar to consider is known as a sport tube. The main difference here is that these are actually smaller since they emphasize form over function. Although they are light, they are meant to be strictly ornamental. Since you can attach them to rocker panels, these are fantastic fits for trucks equipped with lowering kits to bring them closer to the ground.


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