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Do You Need an Oil Change?

Do You Need an Oil Change?
Do you know when it’s time to get your vehicle an oil change?

Do you know when it’s time to get your vehicle an oil change? It’s crucial for the durability, longevity, and performance of your car to make sure that it is maintained on schedule. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what your car needs, but other times it alerts you through the signs on your dashboard. If the oil replacement light comes on, you know for sure that it’s time for a change. Start by checking the level. Open the hood and find the dipstick; when you remove it, wipe it clean so that you can see more clearly. Then, you’ll put the dipstick back in and adjust it to see the oil level. You’ll also need to inspect the color and consistency to get a full idea of the overall health of your oil.

The Right Oil and Filter

If you enjoy learning about and performing car maintenance on your own, then you’ll need to know what kind of oil and filter are right for your vehicle. You’ll get the most useful information about your car from your owner’s manual. You should find the recommended types for your car model. Be mindful that some filters will only last for about 3,000 miles while others are good for up to 6,000. How often your car requires an oil change will determine the type of filter you should use.  

Everything You Need

To do the work yourself, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Gather up everything you’ll need before you get started so that you won’t need to stop and run to the supply store, leaving your vehicle in a vulnerable state. Check your owner’s manual or other resources to find out if your car requires a gasket. You’ll also need a wrench set, a funnel, oil drain pan, and car jacks if your ride needs to be lifted. For your safety, we recommend that you use gloves, rags, and safety goggles. Dispose of the old oil at your local recycling facility.

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