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Do You Need to Warm up Your Truck?

truck-warm-upWarming up trucks and cars is a common practice for drivers. Many people think it is necessary for the health of your truck’s engine, while others do it so that they can drive off in a nice and toasty seat. There’s no denying that it is much nicer to get into a warm vehicle than a cold one, but as far as the health of your truck goes, extensive warming isn’t necessary. Most professionals agree that your car needs between 30 seconds and one minute of warm up to get fully ready for your morning drive.

The myth

According to a study conducted in 2009, most Americans believe that when the temperature is below freezing, cars need a full five minutes to warm up. This idea was likely handed down from parents to new drivers over the course of time. Prior to the 1980s and 1990s, most vehicle engines employed carburetors as a means of mixing the right amount of air with the right amount of fuel. Since then, cars and trucks have relied on electronic fuel injection. Carburetors required warming up in order to function properly, but with fuel injection, sensors adjust to temperature quickly.

The reality

While the switch to electronic fuel injection largely eliminated the need to warm up your vehicle, you shouldn’t start your car in sub-freezing temperatures and skid away. Cold temperatures alter the viscosity of your oil. When your oil is thicker, it takes a bit longer to make its way to all of the necessary parts of your engine. Without proper lubrication your engine could wind up with some damage. The time it takes for your oil to warm up is short. Give your truck about a minute of warm up in extreme temperatures, and you’ll be good to go.

The problem

When you let your car idle for several minutes in the interest of warming it up, you aren’t doing yourself or the environment any favors. It is estimated that two minutes of idling is equivalent to one mile of driving. This can add up and cost you precious dollars in fuel. In fact, it is estimated that Americans waste 3.8 million gallons of fuel each day because of idling. Additionally, while your car is idling it is releasing unnecessary pollutants into the environment.

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