Tonneau Covers

Do You Need Waterproof Tonneau Covers for Your Truck?

Do You Need Waterproof Tonneau Covers for Your Truck?
If you need to find waterproof tonneau covers, then here’s what you should know first.

It won’t be much longer until summer is here. Whether you plan to go fishing, or are looking forward to whitewater rafting, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy this summer without worrying about water damage to your truck. Even so, you’ll have to do what you can to protect your truck and its cargo against storms and other nasty weather, particularly as the seasons change. If you need to find waterproof tonneau covers, then here’s what you should know first.

One Piece Covers

You’ll find that one piece covers are the most effective models. When you need excellent waterproof tonneau covers, you’ll be happiest with this type of cover. These covers are mainly made of one of two materials – either fiberglass or ABS plastic. These will also cover your truck’s tailgate and its rails. There’s only one spot where any water damage or infiltration can happen, and that is on the hinge that you use to open and close the cover.

Hard Covers

However, if you find you can’t afford the one piece tonneau covers, or you’re looking for something slightly different, then hard tonneau covers might be what you need instead.You have several options when you look at hard tonneau covers, which still offer plenty of water protection.

Retractable covers: These covers are stored in a tube that you can keep on the rear bulkhead of your truck. They can be made from various materials, such as aluminum or synthetic polymers. Special hoses connected to your truck’s drainage ports will carry away the extra water. You’ll also see components known as compression seals on your tailgate that serve to increase the overall amount of water protection.

Hard Roll-Up covers: These covers are made of either vinyl or canvas, and are then paired with an aluminum frame.

Hard-Folding covers: Made of aluminum or other materials such as FRP or thermoplastic, with these in place you can make use of almost your entire truck bed. You can then move it out of the way when you don’t need it for when you need to haul something large and bulky.

Soft Covers

Soft-folding covers are made of vinyl, canvas, and aluminum. They don’t take much effort to install, and you can open them just by pushing them towards the bed of your truck.

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