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Premium Gas – Is It Necessary?

It’s not just for us Marylanders that gas prices seem to be rising day by day. The lack of energy supplies puts a pretty big squeeze on the world when it comes to gasoline. With this pressure, more money is coming out of our pockets in order to fill up our vehicles. For those of us who were told premium gasoline is recommended, or for those who take an extra step of care for their engine, one question comes to mind.

Premium Gas

Is Premium Gas Worth The Extra Cost?

Premium-grade gasoline is known to be the recommended type for high-performance vehicles. This goes for supercharged or turbocharged engines like a Chevrolet Camaro or Lamborghini Huracan. It can also be recommended for more economic brands like Volkswagens and MINI Coopers. 

What it comes down to is how the cylinders perform. Engines that are higher cylinder pressures are more likely to have the fuel explode rather than burn. That is where the premium fuel comes in. With this type of gasoline, it contains other additives that help prevent that explosion.

Not using premium when it is recommended, could come at a cost. Your vehicle needs the proper maintenance and upkeep in order for it to perform at its best. If you are currently using regular gasoline, there is a tell-tale sign that your vehicle’s gasoline needs an upgrade. Knocking or pinging sounds is when there is detonation in the cylinders from the air fuel mixture.

Requirement Versus Recommendation

When premium gas is required, it is because your engine is at risk without it. The different levels of fuel are based on the octane rating. Fuels with a higher octane rating are more likely to prevent those detonations.

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