How to Prevent Nature From Ruining Your Paint Job This Fall

As a vehicle owner, there is no such thing as a safe season. Every season change presents new adverse side effects and hazards to your vehicle. Every driver dreams of keeping their vehicle fresh and clean all year long, but that is nearly impossible, especially in the fall. Throughout the fall season, vehicle owners should follow these tips and tricks to prevent their cars from undergoing paint job damage.

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Tree Sap

If ignored, tree sap can become extremely harmful to your vehicle’s paint. After a certain amount of time, tree sap can soak through the clear top coat of paint, ultimately leading to discoloration and stains.

To avoid a lifetime of damage, it is important for car owners to participate in routine car washes. This activity will not only remove any harmful tree sap but other hazardous dirt and grime. If routine washes do not fit into your lifestyle, there is another simple way to avoid tree sap from falling on your car: do not park underneath the tree canopy. While it may not always be feasible, avoiding trees is the only guaranteed way to maintain a clean car.


A majority of drivers do not realize that pollen is the silent killer of car paint in the fall time. A single microscopic grain of pollen has the power to cause detrimental damage to a car’s paint job. The basic structure of pollen consists of tiny thorns that work to cling to objects, such as paint on a vehicle.

Once on the vehicle, the pollen will penetrate the paint to cause rust and dullness. Besides the harmful thorns, pollen also possesses a high level of acidity that, when mixed with water, will deteriorate car paint.

The best method to prevent the harmful effects of pollen is a coat of wax – wax discourages pollen from sticking to a vehicle and makes it extremely easy to wash off.

Bird Droppings and Bugs

Throughout the fall season, our little flying friends are more active than normal, which means our vehicles have become even more of a target for their droppings. Just like pollen, bird droppings contain corrosive acid that will eat away at your topcoat and begin to etch a paint job. Plus, bird droppings often contain seeds, which can scratch and chip away at the paint.

As you ride down the road, it is nearly impossible to avoid bugs and insects from crashing into your vehicle. Bugs contain hazardous chemicals that will deteriorate a topcoat in as little as two days.

To keep your car’s topcoat in pristine condition, it is important to wash your vehicle as soon as you notice bird dropping or bugs.

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