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Protecting Your Truck from your Canine Companion

DogTrucks and dogs are man’s best pals, but they don’t always go together so well. The image of a dog in a truck is pretty iconic, but onlookers don’t usually see the damage that your dog can do to your interior. Whether your dog rides shotgun, or hangs out on the back seat, you can make sure that you can keep on cruising together without the messy hassle of clean-up.


Your dog’s sharp nails can be detrimental to your leather seats.  Even with the best-behaved dog, you could still end up with scratch marks. Leather is soft and fragile, and even if you trim your dog’s nails every two weeks and keep them buffed smooth, you could run into issues. The best option here is to purchase seat covers. You can choose ones that add some style to your truck, or choose basic ones that you can slip on just for your dog. Either way, your leather will have an extra layer of protection against those digging claws.


When you’re trying to keep anything looking sharp, dog hair is your worst enemy. This rule applies to your truck as well. Unless you’ve got a fancy non-shedding poodle riding alongside you, you know what a pest dog hair can be. There’s no way to avoid it. Not even shaving your dog will help. You’ll just end up with a funny looking pooch and tinier hairs all over your seat. Seat covers come in handy here as well. Instead of cleaning your interior, you can simply remove the cover and rinse away the hair in your washing machine.  If your pup is a frequent visitor to your truck, keep a lint roller handy to lengthen the time between washes.

One of the worst places to find thick layers of dog fur is on the floor of your truck. Floor mats can be a life saver. Hair doesn’t stick so easily to rubber floor mats, so when your dog jumps out, you can remove the mats and shake off the hair in a second.


When you pick up speed and there’s a nice breeze blowing, your dog is going to want to stick his face out the window. You’ll find nose prints and slobber all over your windows, creating a layer of film across the glass. The solution here is simple; keep a bottle of glass cleaner in your car. Once a week, remember to clean them off.

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