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Protecting Your Truck from Normal Wear and Tear

Bed LinersYour truck takes a beating. Period. From normal wear and tear to not-so-normal wear and tear, your truck has to deal with a lot. And if you are not careful, your truck may not survive its battle against this abuse. So do the right thing and protect your truck. Trick Trucks is here to help!

Protecting Your Truck from Normal Wear and Tear: Floor Mats and Bed Liners

  1. Floor Mats: When was the last time you wiped your boots off before jumping into your truck? Floor mats, also referred to as floor liners, provide an extra layer of protection to the interior of your pickup. These mats are made of high quality material and are extremely easy to clean.
  2. Bed Liners: When it comes to your truck bed, anything is fair game. You haul anything and everything under the sun, from dirt and gravel to antique furniture and family heirlooms. Meanwhile, your truck bed takes a beating. Well, the solution is simple! Install an aftermarket truck bed liner. The purpose of any bed liner is to protect the bed of your truck from wear and tear. But which type of pickup bed liner is best, drop in or spray on? Well, the choice is yours. Check out our previous blog post to learn more about the two types of liners.

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Each Trick Trucks location throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware offers full service installation of all of our exterior accessories, including both drop-in and spray on truck Bed Liners. We offer full service installation of all parts and accessories and provide factory authorized service for all of your installation needs. Plus, all of our work is guaranteed!

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