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Are You Ready for a Spring Road Trip?

Are You Ready for a Spring Road Trip?
If you’re getting your vehicle ready for a road trip this spring, don’t forget these essentials!

Once upon a very long time ago, a wise man said that life begins again in the fall. But at the same time, that’s what spring is known for every year. Not only is it metaphorically resonant, but it’s also when warmth and light return after a dark and cold winter. If you’re getting your vehicle ready for a road trip this spring, don’t forget these essentials!

Make Sure You Have Enough Coolant

Even though early spring is still cool, it’s possible to run into warmer weather. Plus, depending on where you want to go, your destination could be hotter than it is at home. So, make sure your car or truck has enough coolant in it to keep the engine from overheating. Even if you do have enough coolant, you still might want to add new fluids.

Get Your Tires Rotated

It’s crucial to have your tires rotated as well. Think of the tires as the shoes on a horse, or the shoes you wear on your feet. You shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day for months on end. Your shoes will wear out. Your car’s tires work much like this. Verify that your tires and properly inflated, and rotate them even if you haven’t done so yet.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

If you thought the rain and wind during the winter was foul, then spring will surprise you. As the seasons change, powerful rain storms will come and go. There’s even one in the forecast for this weekend that will make the morning commute a nightmare. So if you’re thinking about a getaway, we recommend you replace your truck’s windshield wipers first. After all, they’re probably worn out after months of fighting the cold, the frost, and the snow.

Check the Battery

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, you need a functional battery. If you’ve noticed the check engine light come on, it could mean your battery needs service. Without a working battery, your engine won’t start. A dead vehicle battery is the last thing you need when you’re on the road someplace new.

Double Check Your Travel Kit

Wherever you go, you’ll need a fully-stocked travel kit. Flashlights, first aid kits, jumper cables, snacks, and extra water are all examples of necessary items to keep stocked for your next road trip.

Get Ready for Your Next Road Trip with Help from Trick Tricks

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