5 Reasons Your Car Heater is Blowing Cold Air

The winter months are no time for problems with your car heater. A vehicle needs time to warm up before blowing warm air. If it blows cool air for a couple minutes before turning warm – that is normal. If the cool air continues to blow, it might be because of these 5 different underlying causes.

car heater

Stuck Thermostat

All vehicles have a thermostat gauge located on the dashboard. After your vehicle has had time to warm up, your thermostat should move from “C” to “H”, to signify the temperature of your engine. The coolant will not circulate to the heater until the engine has reached a certain temperature.

If the thermostat is broken, the vehicle will not know the engine is warm, so the coolant will not be circulated to the heater core, which means the air will remain cold.

Problems With Heater Core

If your thermostat is working properly, but your vehicle is still blowing cold air, the heater core might be the problem.

The heater core consists of two parts: tubing and fans. The tubing works to carry the hot coolant while the fans disperse the heat released by the coolant. The core is responsible for both heating and defrost the vehicle.

Due to its multiple parts, there are many different problems that can arise from the heater core, including clogs in the tubing that does not allow the coolant to travel through the heater core properly. If you notice a sweet smelling odor coming from the vents, the coolant might not be reaching the fans.

Jammed or Broken Blend Door

A blend door actuator plays many roles. The small plastic gear set serve to move air direction based on circulation modes – mid vent, defrost, or floor. The blend door also serves as climate control, working to move temperature doors between cool and heat.

If the blend door is broken or stuck on cool, the heater core will be bypassed entirely and the heater will only blow cool air.

Water Leak

A water leak can cause your vehicle to blow cool air, or worse, cause permanent damage.

Leaking water can surface from many different parts, including radiator, water pump, split hose, or head gasket. The easiest way to find a leak is by checking under the hood. These leaks can stem from the tiniest of holes, so come by Trick Trucks if you need any help on your leak investigation. Our skilled technicians have years of experience and a trained eye to spot any and all leaks.

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