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Removing Salt Stains from Your Floor Mats

salty floors
When cleaning the salt from your car, don’t forget to get the salt stains off your new floor mats!

After spending hours digging and shoveling out your truck, the next problem you have to deal with is salt stains ruining your floor mats. Thanks a lot, winter! This is particularly annoying if you recently purchased new floor mats for your vehicle.  But, there is hope! Here are some tips to help you remove stains from your truck’s floor mats.

Preparing Your Floor Mats for Winter

The first snowstorm of the year may be over, but there could still be plenty of other storms before winter is over. If you felt underprepared, especially with your truck’s floor mats, there is an extra step you can take to make sure your regular floor mats aren’t stained in the future. There are specifically designed floor mats for the winter that help protect your truck and are less difficult to clean. So before you get trapped indoors by another massive snowstorm, make sure to pick up some winter floor mats to protect your truck from future stains.

Removing Salt Stains from Your Floor Mats

While it’s annoying to have to clean your floor mats, you probably already have all the products you need to make an effective cleaning solution. You will need hot water, a bottle of household distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle or bucket, a scrub brush, paper towels or an old towel, and you can use a shop or auto vacuum if you have it. First, mix a 50/50 solution of the vinegar and hot water into your spray bottle or bucket. Spray the mixture on your carpet, but be careful that it doesn’t come in contact with any electrical connections. After letting it sit for a few seconds, scrub the salt stains vigorously. You may have certain stains that are a little stubborn, so those types of stains may just require more spraying and scrubbing. After you are done, you will want to soak up any of the remaining mixture with paper towels or an old towel. If you have a shop vac, you can suck up any of the salt that is left over.

The Final Steps of Floor Mat Cleaning

Unless you really love the smell of vinegar, you will want to air out your floor mats. If you cleaned the mats in your car, make sure that you leave the windows rolled down for a few minutes so that the vinegar smell doesn’t take control of your truck.

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