Roof Racks

Is a Roof Rack Right for Your Ride?

Is a Roof Rack Right for Your Ride?
Is your ride ready for a roof rack?

Vehicle storage space is one of the top considerations for many people when they are purchasing a new car or truck. When you run out of space on the inside or need to transport particularly large items, the roof becomes the next usable storage area that many people go to; however,  you should see if your ride is ready for a roof rack.

Get to Know Your Roof

Not all vehicle roofs are made the same way. Before you purchase and install a roof rack you should learn what type of roof your vehicle has. Having this information will give you what you need to know about the kinds of parts and equipment that will be necessary to install your roof rack. All vehicle roofs are capable of supporting a roof rack; it’s just a matter of learning what type you’ll need to be able to expand your loading capabilities.

Bare Roof

A bare roof is described as one that features no accessories or other equipment like half rails. A bare roof means that you’ll need to build your roof rack from the ground up. It will require all the necessary equipment to build the rack, including feet, crossbars, and other parts.

Half Rails

If you’re starting with half rails or side rails mounted above the doors on each side of your ride, then you’re halfway through the roof rack installation process. Half rails run parallel to your car’s roof and require the addition of crossbars which means you can take full advantage of the expanded storage space.

Full Rails

Full rails include side rails and crossbars. Many crossover vehicles and sport utility vehicles come with factory-installed full rails. At this point, you can look for complementary roof rack accessories, including additional mounting hardware or clamps to keep your bags and other cargo secure during your trip.

Channel System

A channel system consists of anchors for a roof rack. On some vehicles, they take the place of half rails and make for quick and easy installation of a full roof rack kit. It’s easy to miss the anchors, so be sure to inspect your roof to see if it is bare or if you already have anchors in place.

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