How To Safely Drive With A Trailer

A trailer can be used for a variety of reasons: vacation, work trip, moving, or transporting gear and supplies. Whatever the occasion, Trick Trucks wants you to remain safe when driving with a trailer. Here are some tips on how to safely drive with a trailer.

drive with a trailer

Check trailer lights

Depending on the size of your tailor, it is very difficult for other drivers to see your vehicle’s taillights. That is why it is extremely important to double-check your trailer lights are working properly before hitting the road.

The first step is inspecting the electrical wiring system between the trailer and the tow vehicle. If the wires are too tight, they might disconnect while driving or taking a turn. If the wires are too loose and hang close to the ground, this can prove troublesome.

If possible, have a partner confirm each taillight is working, including brake lights and turn signals.

Make wide turns

When towing a trailer, it is a good idea to make wide turns when rounding corners or curbs. Wide turns will help avoid “off-tracking” your trailer.

If a turn is taken too soon or abruptly, the tires of the trailer are more likely to hit or ride up over the curb. A wider berth will ensure the tires have enough space to clear corners.

These wide turns will also help prevent accidents and damages. Depending on the speed of the vehicle or height of the curb, a narrow turn could cause the trailer to overturn or swing unexpectedly into another lane.

Allow for longer stopping distances

Stopping distance refers to the amount of distance a vehicle travels after its brake has been applied until it comes to a complete stop.

The added weight of the trailer will greatly impact the driver’s ability to brake and stop the vehicle. This means the driver will not only need to give themselves more time to brake but also more distance to brake.

One way to allow for longer stopping distances is by keeping a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you. The closer you are to the vehicle in front of you, the less distance and time you have to come to a complete stop.

Know your trailer

After driving your vehicle long enough, you begin to know it by heart. Truck Trucks recommends practicing with your trailer and getting to know it just as well.

This means knowing how tall the trailer is to ensure you know which height clearances are possible. Drivers should also learn how wide their trailer is – this will help when navigating turns.

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