Four Safety Features To Keep Your Commercial Vehicle Up To Code

For many businesses, commercial vehicles are needed to make businesses happen. To keep your products and personnel secure, safety features are an absolute must in any and all company commercial vehicles.

Safety technology has become more commonplace in newer makes and models. Keep your older model up to code by installing these four safety technologies.

Safety Features

Speed Radar

In a business, safety is the number one priority, especially when it comes to driving. GPS speed detection allows businesses to control and monitor their commercial vehicles to deter employees from speeding or other unsafe driving habits.

The software will alert you for one of two reasons: your driver is going over the speed limit at their current location or they are going over the speed limit you have pre-programmed.

Overall, the speed detection system is designed to promote safe driving and improve efficiency. Speed regulation serves to lower fuel consumption, reduce risk, and decrease expenses from damages.

Forward Collision Warning

Did you know rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident? Businesses can help decrease this risk by installing forward-collision warning in their commercial vehicles.

Forward collision warning uses a combination of cameras, radars, and lasers to continually scan for vehicles ahead. If a vehicle comes too close or is approaching at a high speed, the system will warn the driver to take appropriate action in order to avoid an accident.

Lane Changing Warning

As much as we limit distractions and pay attention to the road, drifting into the other lanes is bound to happen from time to time.

Thankfully, lane-departure warning systems will alert you if you cross lane markers without a turn signal. An audible sound, wheel vibration, or illuminated icon is meant to alert the driver to return safely back in the lines.

An additional lane changing safety features is lane-keeping assist. Instead of simply warning the driver of unintentional lane changes, the system offers a steering input that works to steer the vehicle back towards the middle of the lane.

Blind Spot Detection

A commercial vehicle does not always afford drivers with the luxury of complete window coverage. Blind spot detection works to offset this problem by alerting to vehicles in the next lane that drivers might not be able to see.

The system appears as a small icon on the side mirror, lighting up every time another vehicle appears in your car’s blind spot. Other systems are more technologically advanced – making an audible sound or even offering brake assistance to avoid potential collisions.

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