4 Safety Tips to Prevent Auto Theft

In 2017, there was over 750,000 cases of auto theft, which means a vehicle was being stolen about every 44 seconds. Despite car manufacturers implementing modern anti-theft technologies, auto theft has remained on the rise in recent years. But with these safety tips and devices, you can avoid becoming an unlikely statistic.

Auto Theft

Don’t leave your keys in the car

Drivers should never leave their vehicles unattended with the keys inside, even if you plan on stepping away for just a minute. All it takes is a minute for a criminal to break the window and drive away.

Another safety tip to consider is leaving your spare key at home or at the office, instead of inside your vehicle. Some people choose to keep a spare key in the glove box or in the sun visor for convenience, but that also means it is convenient for the car theft as well.

Park smart

By trade, car thieves do not wish to be seen or easily identified. Trick Trucks recommends parking in well-lit and well-traveled areas to deter criminal activity. Parking close to security cameras or parking attendants serves to add an additional layer of protection from theft. A large amount of auto theft cases arises as crimes of opportunity, so do not give car thieves the chance.

Use a steering wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a physically deterrent against auto theft. The device is designed to lock across the steering wheel and extend over the dashboard to the windshield. This design prevents the steering wheel from being turned, thus immobilizing the vehicle.

The latest wheel lock models are known for being extremely user-friendly and reliable. Each wheel lock comes with a unique key to ensure that the driver, and the driver alone, can unlock the wheel.

In addition to physically deterring, a steering wheel lock is also heavily visually deterrent. To avoid being caught, car thieves must work quickly and silently. Attempting to steal a vehicle with a steering wheel lock will only serve to draw attention and add an increased level of risk that thieves cannot avoid taking.

Install an ignition kill switch

An ignition kill switch is an invisible, yet impenetrable way to deter auto theft. The switch can be installed under the driver’s seat, in the trunk, under the dashboard – virtually any location the driver feels is most useful.

When the vehicle is not in use, the driver can simply flip on the kill switch, which disrupts the flow of electricity between your ignition system. So, even if a theft manages to infiltrate your vehicle, they will not be able to drive away with it.

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