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Some Shopping Tips for Truck Lighting

Some Shopping Tips for Truck Lighting
Whatever the reason you’re looking for new lights, here are some shopping tips for truck lighting.

The headlights and taillights built into your truck are already the most powerful they have been in the entire history of vehicles. But what if you’re looking for an upgrade? Maybe you’re looking to perform some upgrades because you want to take your truck off the road and into the woods. Or maybe you just want to accessorize. Whatever you’re looking for, the process of shopping for the best products and making sense of the lingo can be headache-inducing. What do words like lux, lumens, and candela mean? Whatever the reason you’re looking for new lights, here are some shopping tips for truck lighting.


The first term for truck lighting we’ll look at is lux. Lux is often denoted by the symbol lx. It is a unit of measurement for how much visible light shines on a given surface. It is measured in unit area. When it comes to unit area, one lux is the same as one lumen. Measurements for lux level are often paired with how far away the source of the light is. The farther away from the light source, the different lux score it will have. How intense a light source is determined by the lux and distance taken together.


Like lux, lumens are another measurement of light. Lumens are often denoted by the symbol lm. When it comes to measuring truck lighting, or lighting in general, lumens are the most frequently used unit of measurement. Simply put, the amount of visible light, not just on a given surface can be measured in lumens. By inspecting the lumen score, you can figure out much light radiation there will be. Higher wattage lights do not necessarily mean you will have higher amounts of light radiation. The rise of LED technology has led to this breakthrough. LED lights need less power to radiate the same amounts of light. To figure out the brightness of a certain light, look at the lumen score. Watts are only a measure of much energy the light is using.


The third term we’ll define is candela. Candela is often denoted by the symbol cd. Once upon a time, it was known only as candlepower. Candela measures how brightly a light shines in a given direction. Why was candela known as candlepower? One candela is equal to the same amount of light one candle puts out, as the eye registers it. Candelas and lumens both measure light radiation. The major difference, however, is that candela factors in the direction as well the as brightness.

What It All Comes Down To

When all is said and done, these examples of lighting jargon might all seem the same. But when thinking about how to improve your truck lighting, just remember that they each refer to a different aspect of lighting.

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