Truck Suspension Lift Kit

Should I Lift or Should I Lower?

lift kitFor many vehicle owners, the decision to lift or lower your truck or car is not one taken lightly. In a process similar to purchasing a vehicle, the individual must base their decision on appearance preference, functionality, and expected performance. So, before you make any hasty decisions, let us tell you why either choice is right for you.

Benefits of Lowering Your Vehicle

As the name suggests, lowering your vehicle’s suspension allows it to sit closer to the ground. There are many perks associated with lowering your vehicle, including various performance and safety advantages. The most prominent benefit includes improved aerodynamics; sitting closer to the ground means less air traveling underneath the vehicle. The refined aerodynamics reduces wind resistance, allowing increased acceleration and maximum speed potential.

Another advantage of lowering your suspension involves improved handling and maneuvering. The reduced height allows for greater stability, responsiveness, and control over speed. Due to the increased downforce, the vehicle’s lean during sharp turns will drastically decline. In addition, the lowered center of gravity will reduce the risk of rollover.

Not only does a lowering kit improve your vehicle’s performance, it is designed to improve your overall driving experience. Many drivers sporting a lowered look agree the shortened vehicle height has notably improved their levels of comfort. This setup requires rigid or shortened springs, which means your vehicle has a lower chance of bottoming out while traveling over bumps or depressions.

If you have a high-performance vehicle, and you are looking to improve its capabilities, then lowering your suspension is most likely the right decision for you. Plus, the lowered look has always been an attention-grabber, so if you prefer paved surfaces over all-terrain trails, and are looking to turn some heads, do not think twice about lowering your ride.

Benefits of Lifting Your Vehicle

If you have ever traveled in a vehicle with a lift kit, you have already seen the ultimate benefit firsthand. The higher you are off the ground, the wider view you will have. This enhanced view will allow you to see everything going on around you, from the car directly in front of you to upcoming obstacles down the road.

In addition to obstacles on the pavement, a lifted truck is favorable for off-roading adventures and maneuvers. Off-road terrains tend to hold natural obstacles such as rocks, logs, pits, or bodies of water. With a higher suspension, any vehicle could better maneuver or overcome these hindrances.

The final benefit of lifting your vehicle comprises of enhanced towing feasibility. Due to your vehicle’s high stature, the risk of your rear suspension failing is lowered due the reinforced shocks and springs, particularly when towing a heavy load.

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