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Some Basic Useful Equipment for Your Truck

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Consider a Trailer Hitch

Consider this a follow up to a post we had from a few weeks ago. Whatever the weather is like, some basic equipment is always good to have. Even if this year’s winter is on track to be the driest in recent memory with almost no snow, it is still good to be prepared. Rain might come more often than snow, but you’ll still want to be ready. Let Trick Trucks & Cars help you get ready with these great services, and some handy tips:

Install a Snowplow on Your Truck

Although it may seem intimidating to install, a snowplow is a staple piece of equipment for winter time. You often see plows mounted on regular pickup trucks, not to mention plow trucks designed for this exact purpose. It is one of the basic items we offer, though. Why wait for your street or neighborhood to be plowed out when the snows come? You can do it yourself and not have to rely on the county or the city. After all, they may not prioritize the area in which you live, and you’ve got places to go, things to do, and people to help.

Check Your Tires on Your Truck

Tires are important parts of your vehicles already, but in winter and in summer they become lifesavers. At the gas station, look for an air pump station, preferably for free. If you haven’t already, you should double check the proper inflation level for your tires, as cold air can deflate them faster. Do note that in warmer weather your tires don’t need to be as heavily inflated. In any sort of conditions, make sure they aren’t worn or damaged in any way. But if you need tires, come to us. We’ve got tire and wheel packages that’ll be sure to fit your needs.

Consider Trailer Hitches on Your Truck

As spring and summer approach, you’ll want to spend more leisure time outside, somewhere in the great outdoors. You could be roaming America’s highways on a cross country road trip, RV in tow. Or you might be out on the water to catch some fresh fish. Either way, consider a trailer hitch. Whichever your pleasure, we have a wide variety of trailer hitches to choose from.

Keep On Trucking with Trick Trucks

Looking to get your truck ready for your next road trip? Trick Trucks is here to help. With over forty years of experience servicing trucks, we have the expertise and equipment you need. Contact Trick Trucks online or by calling 1-866-60-TRICK. To find out more about our services and trucks, follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.