Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Winter is winding down and spring is almost sprung – which means it is time to check in with your vehicle. The cold weather and icy conditions have most likely taken a toll on your vehicle, so it is the perfect time to have your car inspected and serviced if needed.

Here are six simple ways to ensure your vehicle is ready for everything spring has to offer.

spring car maintenance

Spring car maintenance cleaning – inside and out

After winter’s bombardment of salt, ice, and snow, a car wash is much needed. Driving in the winter can lead to a huge buildup of dirt and grime that might not be visible to the naked eye. But what seems to be innocuous dust can damage your vehicle’s paint and finish. Neglecting to remove the salt from your vehicle has even worst consequences: rust.

Nobody likes to admit it, but spring cleaning is important, especially when it comes to the inside of your car. In the cold months, it is easy to put off cleaning for another day. But a dirty car can negatively affect both the health of the vehicle and the passengers. Start by cleaning up all the trash and thoroughly clean the carpets and seats.

Inspect air filters

A vehicle has a number of air filters, including engine and cabin filters. These filters prevent dust and dirt from entering the vehicle but can become clogged over time.

Cleaning a clogged air filter is a simple maintenance hack that will save you money in the long haul – a dirty air filter has the power to significantly reduce gas mileage. To protect your vehicle and passengers from environmental containments, replace air filters with the seasons.

Inspect car battery

The extremely cold temperatures can fatally impact your vehicle’s battery, which can ultimately leave you stranded. When it is 32 degrees outside or freezing, your battery can lose up to 35% of its power. This means that springtime is the perfect time to have your car battery tested and inspected.

Road debris can easily invade your engine and wreak havoc on your battery. It is best to visit one of Trick Trucks locations so a professional technician can ensure your battery is still mounted securely and there is no corrosion.

Replace wiper blades

The winter months can be unkind to your vehicle’s wiper blades. Wiper blades can begin to crack and tear after repeatedly being used on ice and snow. Not to mention, you will most likely need new wipers to ready your vehicle against the upcoming onslaught of spring showers.

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