Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning with These Car Maintenance Tasks

This week, April 1st, marks the official start of National Car Care Month. The month of April was selected as the National Car Care Month in order to bring attention to the importance of preventative car maintenance and care.

As winter comes winding down to a close, the start of April means it is time to take care of any issues that may have arisen during the winter months. Get a jump-start on your spring cleaning with this spring car maintenance checklist.

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Tire pressure and Tread

Months of driving in harsh conditions, cold temperatures, and salted roads can take a toll on any vehicle’s tires. It is crucial for drivers to take notice regarding the tread level of their tires. If the tire tread is running low, it is important to have your tires replaced to avoid hydroplaning on slick surfaces or decreased ability to brake adequately.

Another important aspect to be cautious of is low tire pressure.

Check the pressure of all your tires to determine if air or service is needed. If there seems to be an underlying cause for the low-pressure gauge such as punctures or a leaking valve stem, then repair may be is needed to avoid a sudden blowout on the roadway.

Schedule an Oil Change

Although there is most likely a handy sticker placed on the top of your driver’s side windshield to inform you when your next suggested oil change is, it is easy to ignore for the sake of convenience. But now, with spring cleaning on your radar, there is no excuse not to schedule an oil change.

Regularly scheduled oil changes are vital to maintaining a healthy engine. If you continue to put off this maintenance, the oil will become less effective as it ages, putting your engine in danger.

Replace Wiper Blades, Wiper Fluid, and Headlights.

After a long winter of snow, hail, sleet, and every other harsh condition imaginable, it is time to replace your windshield wiper blades and refill wiper fluid. If the tradition holds and April showers do indeed bring May flowers, drivers need to be prepared for the upcoming rainy forecast.

There is nothing worse than driving down the road as your wiper blades smear raindrops across your windshield rather than clearing the water off.

Apart from replacing wiper blades, it is a good idea to get your headlights tested and replaced as needed. As a reminder, it is illegal to drive without headlights on if your windshield wipers are in motion.

Trick Trucks Has the Answers to All Your Vehicle Care Questions

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