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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Truck


at the car washWith winter behind us, your truck should no longer be neglected, and it deserves some spring cleaning to showcase it for the summer. During the colder months, Mother Nature tends to keep us inside, and vehicles can turn into a chaotic mess. While it may seem daunting, starting spring cleaning for your trick can be made easy with a few helpful tips.

Regaining Order of your Truck

Sometimes it may just be easier to shove a receipt or a file from work into a compartment in your truck, but that habit can quickly turn your vehicle into a pigsty.

Before you begin organizing the inside of your truck, make sure to have a trash bag and a box or container handy. First, start off by throwing away everything that you don’t need. Whether its old soda cans in the cup holder, or food wrappers on the floor, you know exactly what you need and what you don’t.

For anything that you want to keep that should be inside your home, put it in the box or container, and immediately put it in your house. Don’t let the box sit on a backseat, as it will probably continue to stay inside your truck.

Once you have everything thrown away that you don’t need and everything organized that you do want, you can work on other spring cleaning areas for your truck.

Cleaning the Truck’s Console

When your truck is organized, it is a little easier to perform spring cleaning duties. Remember those old soda cans sitting in your cup holder? Make sure to clean any gunk or spills that are sticking in the holders. Carefully wash down the console, and make sure to clean the top of your dashboard as well.

Spring Cleaning your Truck’s Carpeting and Upholstery

The inside of you truck should be coming together at this point. You might need a little extra elbow grease, but work on removing all the dirt, mud and debris that may have formed on the carpet and upholstery. When the inside of your truck is clean, it will seem a little less daunting to start your spring cleaning for the outside of your truck.

Spring Cleaning the Outside of your Truck

From the windows to the wheels, your truck can take a beating during the winter. While you give the exterior of your truck a thorough spring cleaning, this is also an excellent time to check your tire pressure, remove debris from the engine area and make sure the windshield wipers are properly working.

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