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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle: The Interior

Spring cleaning your vehicle
Cleaning your vehicle is an important part of keeping it nice and new!

As people everywhere gear up for spring cleaning, car and truck enthusiasts should be gearing up to detail their vehicle this weekend. From salt making your floor mats dingy to the salt and dirt covering your car, now is the time to clean and detail your vehicle. Let’s take a look at how you should be spring cleaning the inside of your vehicle.


Vacuum your carpets thoroughly before doing anything else. Then take a stain remover and test it on an inconspicuous place to ensure it won’t ruin your carpets. Next, take the stain removed and a brush and scrub your carpets thoroughly. For mild stains, dilute the solution with water in a spray bottle. Use as little moisture as possible to prevent mildew and allow them to dry outside in the sun before putting them back into your vehicle.


Vacuuming your seats is also an important part of cleaning your car. Use the same stain removed on your seats and make sure to leave the windows down and doors open to let them air out.


It is important to clean your doors from top to bottom including the jambs. Wipe down the metal and plastic parts of your doors with a soapy solution and dry them thoroughly with a rag. Use a Q-tip or small brush to remove tough stains and spots. For the interior doors, concentrate on getting all of the cracks and crevices of your door. Dry the areas with a thick cloth.


Use a glass cleaner to make your windows shine. Don’t worry about the exterior at this point. Dry them thoroughly and avoid streaks.

Steering Wheel and Columns

Use a soapy solution to remove the dust and stains then dry thoroughly. Apply a surface protectant to the entire area.


Do not spray water onto the dashboard. Instead, use a small-area tool like a Q-tip to apply the cleaning solution. Carefully clean around the knobs and buttons then dry thoroughly. For the center console, use a detailing tool to make sure every seam and indentation are cleaned and free of dirt.

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle with Trick Trucks

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