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Spring Maintenance Tips for your Truck

Having fun on gravelDuring the winter months, snow, salt, and mud cake your truck with a thick layer of grime. Winter driving can be tough on your truck, and it’s important to make sure that you’re all set for summertime cruising. Summer is a whole new world for trucks, full of high temperatures and fun road trips. Spring falls perfectly between our most intense seasons, giving you an excellent window to catch up on spring maintenance and make the transition a smooth one.

Exterior Maintenance

The salt that is used to melt snow on the roads is great for winter drivers, but can be a real monster when it comes to your truck. Salt can do serious damage to your paint job, and causes corrosion. Make sure to give your truck a thorough cleaning during the spring time, paying special attention to the undercarriage to make sure you don’t miss any potential sources of rust. This is also a great time to wax your car, so your summertime cleanings will be a much easier process.


Your windshield wipers work overtime in the winter, making sure that heavy snowfall doesn’t impede your view. Salty spray back from the roads gets all over them, and sometimes they even freeze to your windshield. Make sure to replace old wipers, or clean your existing ones so that you don’t run into problems when the first downpour hits.


Tires need maintenance more than once every year, but in preparation for spring, make sure that yours are in top shape. Replace them or rotate them as needed, and make sure that your tire pressure is at the right level to save you gas and keep your tires rolling for longer.

Mechanical Maintenance

A good way to remember to get your oil changed is to schedule it for the beginning of each season. Spring is no exception. Make sure to have your oil changed and have them check to make sure that your other fluids are topped off to good levels.

A winter full of starting under extreme conditions can be very tough on a car battery, so it is important that you check to make sure your battery still has plenty of juice left in it.

Spring is the perfect time to make sure your brakes are in good working order. Fully functioning brakes are of vital importance when it comes to your safety, and they can take a beating during the winter thanks to icy streets. Have your brakes checked out so that you don’t find yourself in a scary summer situation.

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