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The 5 Best Features of Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

roll-up tonneau covers
We’ll discuss the 5 best features of roll-up tonneau covers.

A few weeks on this very blog, we discussed the benefits of hinged tonneau covers for trucks. Well, in this blog we thought we’d do something of a follow-up. This time, we’ll instead discuss the 5 best features of roll-up tonneau covers. If you’re unsure which type of tonneau cover you would prefer, please read on to learn more!

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers are More Affordable

Price is a major factor in deciding which tonneau cover to go with. Often starting under $300, roll-up tonneau covers can be a more affordable option than their hinged counterparts. For their relative low-cost, they have become an extremely popular choice as well. The rugged vinyl tarp that is the main component of this tonneau cover can help keep your equipment safe, unnoticed by potential thieves.

They Have Better Bed Access

This type of tonneau cover also features better access to the truck bed. Being able to easily reach and manipulate your cargo is a big deal. When the cover is opened up all the way, the cover is mounted above the rails on the truck bed. Your truck bed is now fully accessible again, ready for whatever you need to do, hauling or otherwise.

Easier to Install and Easier to Remove

Another great feature of roll-up tonneau covers that they are easy to install when you need them and also easy to remove when you don’t. It will only take a few minutes for setup and breakdown. Different roll-up tonneau covers may have different installation methods, but no matter what, all of them will attach to the rails on the truck bed, and you won’t need tools such as drills.

Multiple Customization Options

Canvas, vinyl, and leather are some material options. Aluminum and metal-backed options are also choices. These are just some of the multiple customization options available for roll-up tonneau covers.

Light and Unobtrusive

Roll-up tonneau covers tend to be light, that is, made of lightweight materials. They are also unobtrusive and won’t guzzle up your gas usage. Another, perhaps unexpected benefit of roll-up tonneau covers being light and unobtrusive is that they’ll never block your rear window, so you’ll be able to see perfectly fine even when your new tonneau covers are currently engaged.

For All of Your Truck Needs

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