The Great Debate: Leather Versus Cloth Upholstery

It is a debate that has raged since the dawn of time…

Well, maybe it’s a little newer than that. But the debate in question – leather upholstery vs. cloth upholstery – has been a pretty heated topic for quite some time. Which one is better? What are the pros and cons of each? These are the topics we will address in this post.

Leather Pros:

• Leather is soft and supple and very comfortable.

• Leather is waterproof and spot resistant. However, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible.

• The material is very durable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

• Leather looks sportier and more luxurious.

• Leather doesn’t hold odors like cloth does.

• It is very easy to clean.

• In the long run leather will look nicer and last longer than cloth.

• Leather helps with vehicle resale value if you want to sell your car.

Leather Cons:

• Easily fooled: When purchasing leather interior and seats one should make sure they are genuine leather.

• Leather can become extremely hot in the summer months.

• Leather is traditionally more expensive than cloth.

• Cracks or tears occurring in leather seats due to lack of care may cost more to repair than similar cuts in cloth seats.

Cloth Pros:

• If you get into a car with shorts on during the summer months or you live where its hot most of the year cloth seats will not overheat and be uncomfortable.

• Affordable.

• Cloth seats, despite their potential to acquire stains, may be better for children who often fall asleep while riding in automobiles because cloth seats absorb sweat and are more comfortable against the skin – especially sleeping heads.

• Cloth seats are not likely to endure punctures from long nailed pets or other sharp objects.

Cloth Cons:

• Most cloth seats will not last as long as your car.

• More easily stained than leather.

• Added maintenance: Cloth seats may also be pretreated to prevent stains and excess dirt from ruining their fabric. Periodic treatment application is necessary, however, because cloth seat treatments tend to wear away over time.

• Cloth seat covers also absorb odors from the air and can make the car smell.

• Though cloth seats covers come in different types of fabrics and designs, they usually do not look as elegant as leather seat covers

In the end, the choice is yours.

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