Window Tinting

The Many Wonders of Window Tinting

tinted-windows-truckTinted truck windows may seem like a purely aesthetic addition, but this added layer of shade could do a whole lot more for a truck than you may think. Spring and summer are finally in sight, and that means a whole lot of sunshine. While window tinting adds a bit of privacy for any truck owner, it can also provide you with some serious benefits as a driver.

Sun Protection

The bright sun can be a serious hazard for truck drivers, and sometimes you simply don’t have sunglasses on hand. Tinted windows are like built-in sunglasses that will reduce that painful and dangerous glare, making your daily commute a bit safer. Tinted windows won’t just reduce glare though, they’ll also reduce the percentage of harmful UV rays that can sneak into your vehicle and cause damage to your skin and eyes. With tinted windows, UV rays are reduced by 99 percent.  This is not only good for your body, but it is good for your upholstery. Your nice seats are not going to fade when they are protected by a tint.

Theft Prevention

When your windows are tinted, they are covered in a thin layer of coating. This coating obscures the view of anyone looking into your truck. This means that your truck won’t tempt any thieves checking cars and trucks for hot items. On top of that, should a thief attempt to smash through your car window, they’ll be met with a surprise. The layer of tinting creates a shatterproof barrier, making it tougher to break-into, and easier to clean up for you.

Heat Protection

Nothing is more draining then stepping into a scorching hot car after it has spent hours baking in the brutal summer sun. With window tinting, your truck will be 60 percent cooler than it would be without that layer of sun protection. You may even be able to get through your commute without having to use your truck’s air conditioning.

Privacy Perks

Most people are well aware of this benefit. Your truck is your private space, and when you are fully visible, you might feel a bit vulnerable. You shouldn’t have to worry about fellow drivers watching you as you sing and dance in your truck, and tinted windows can make that happen.

Trick Trucks

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