Truck Backup Cameras

Things to Know About Back-Up Cameras

back-up camera and trucks
Back-up cameras aren’t just cool, they’re useful.

While adding back-up cameras may have seemed like a fad, truck owners are finding back-up cameras to be a very helpful accessory. Whether you have to squeeze into a tight space or your neighbor’s kids like to jump out of nowhere, a back-up camera can help protect the safety of yourself, as well as those around you. Even the best drivers benefit from a back-up camera, and it can pay for itself by preventing accidents.

Back-Up Camera Basics

Back-up cameras, or sometimes referred to as rearview cameras, show a driver what is behind their car on a dashboard screen. Although these are mainly on newer vehicles, it will soon become mandatory for most vehicles to have a back-up camera. By 2018, all new vehicles under 10,000 pounds will be required to include a back-up camera. According to some research, as many as 60 children a week are backed over in the United States, and fatalities can be common depending on the speed of the vehicle. Because of the experienced and attention needed to operate larger vehicles, truck drivers tend to be better drivers than owners of smaller vehicles, and back-up cameras just add another tool for truck drivers to maintain their positive reputations. While we are still a few years away from the law being enforced, current truck drivers can add back up cameras to their vehicles right now.

Cost of Backup Cameras

Like any new electronic device, back-up cameras were expensive when they first hit the market. Now, you can find backup cameras in many chain electronic stores, and even smaller electronic stores as well. You will have a ton of choices, however, which can become overwhelming. The screen is the most expensive purchase for a new back-up camera, and it can cost between $500-$1,500. The cameras themselves will run between $150-$400 dollars, and the more expensive back-up cameras have extra bells and whistles. Most truck drivers will normally pay for professional installation, and they find the price is worth it to know that their back-up camera was professional installed.

Types of Back-Up Cameras

There are generally three types of back-up cameras, and what you decide to purchase will depend on what kind of system you already have in place. If you don’t have anything, you can find systems that include the camera and monitor ready to be installed. You can also purchase displays and cameras separately, and if you have a dash screen, you can just purchase the camera.

Installing back-up cameras now will help current truck drivers become more accustomed to the new rules and regulations down the road.

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