Things To Know About Remote Starters

These days, remote starters are becoming more commonplace in-stock vehicle models. But for drivers that do not want to trade-in their vehicle just yet, installing remote starters is the next best option.

A remote starter is a radio-controlled tool that allows individuals to start their cars without having to step foot inside. Many individuals use remote starters to preheat or cool their vehicles during extreme temperatures. While this might sound like a huge lifesaver to some, others still have their doubts. That is why we wanted to answer these frequently asked questions to share the truth about remote starters.

remote starters

What is the range?

All remote starters have a specified range that tells the driver how far they can be from the car and still be able to start it. Each brand and model is different, but most ranges are from 500 to 5,000 feet. You can normally find the distance listed on the item’s packaging or product description.

Make sure to choose the starter with the range that works best for your lifestyle. If you live in a single house, a shorter range would be fine. If you live in a high-rise apartment building, a further range would be necessary.

Will it damage my car?

Many drivers have heard the rumor about remote starters damaging vehicles or causing car fires. We are pleased to report that this rumor is false.

When installed properly, a high-quality remote starter will not cause any damages. Incidents and damages are typically a result of low-quality starters that have not been installed properly or professionally.

Will a thief be able to steal my car?

Many drivers are hesitant to leave their running vehicle unattended, and rightfully so. But installing a remote starter does not make your vehicle any more prone to theft.

The remote start system will keep the doors locked even when the vehicle is remotely started. Only the individual with the key fob will be able to unlock the doors.

In the off chance a thief is able to enter your running vehicle, they will not be able to go anywhere without the keys.

As soon as the brake pedal is pushed, the engine will turn off unless the keys are in the ignition. If you have a push-to-start keyless entry system, the thief will not operate the vehicle unless the keys are inside the vehicle. As a precaution, always use the remote starter to lock your doors after starting the vehicle.

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