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Tonneau Cover Installation in Maryland & More

Tonneau Cover Installation in MarylandYour truck is great for hauling everything from rocks and gravel to plywood to more precious cargo, such as furniture and antiques. Unfortunately, your cargo is also at the mercy of the elements: wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Nothing is more damaging to antique wood or upholstery than moisture. And Maryland is known for its erratic weather. So how do you protect your cargo from the elements? You have a Tonneau Cover installed on your truck.

Tonneau Cover Installation in Maryland

Protective tonneau covers come in two primary styles: hard covers and soft covers. Both provide the added protection you are looking for while also giving your truck a sleeker, more aesthetically appealing look.

Trick Trucks, with locations throughout Maryland, offers a full line of exterior accessories, including tonneau cover installation. Whether it is your own personal vehicle, or your work truck, Trick Trucks will provide factory authorized service for all of your tonneau cover installation needs. Best of all, our work is guaranteed and all factory warranties apply.

Trick Trucks has been helping people customize their trucks for over 30 years. Let us help you!

Benefits of Tonneau Cover Installation in Maryland

  1. As we said, Maryland is known for its erratic weather. It is warm and sunny one day and then freezing and snowing the next. This can cause problems when transporting delicate cargo. Fortunately, a tonneau cover can help protect your cargo from the elements.
  2. Another great benefit of tonneau cover installation is security. The hard fiberglass shell of hard tonneau covers provides additional security for your cargo. Soft tonneau covers, while not as rigid, do provide some additional security as well.
  3. Hard and soft tonneau covers can improve the style of your truck.
  4. One of the best benefits of tonneau cover installation is improved fuel economy. In fact, tonneau covers reduce drag and can improve gas mileage by as much as 12%.
  5. And More!

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