Top Car and Truck Customizations

customizing your vehicle
Grilles are the first thing people see when you are driving your vehicle. So why not make it a good view with a custom grille?

You are walking through the grocery store parking lot looking for your vehicle when you finally find it at the end of the row near five other vehicles that look exactly the same. Gross! Everyone wants to be known for their totally unique and awesome car or truck. So how do you make it stand out? With customizations performed by Trick Trucks! Let’s check out some of our favorite customizations for your car or truck!

Custom Paints and Patterns

One of the best ways to make your car or truck stand out is by customizing your paint job. This customization can be as simple as adding racing stripes, an elaborate design, or just choosing a new color. A custom design will cost more but will be worth it when it is eye-catching and beautifully done. But beware, these prices can range from $50 to $500 in the blink of an eye so be prepared to pay for your customizations.


The grille on the front of your vehicle is the first thing people see when you pull onto the street, so why not customize it? Replace the grille with something less stock like mesh, billet, stainless steel, tubular, or chrome. Most custom grille replacements are made specifically for your vehicle and come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Shine On

Lighting is one of the most affordable ways of making your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Installing running lights, fog lights, and taillights can give your vehicle a distinctive look. For a truck, running lights can be added to the cab, running boards, or tailgate for that special glow. Fog lights can be made in chrome, plain painted ones, or have fancy covers to light up those foggy nights. Under glow or low lighting is also extremely popular but can be illegal to run while driving depending on your area.

Keep Rolling on Awesome Wheels

Whether you drive a high-powered truck or a low to the ground car, wheels are essential to customizing your ride. Custom tires and rims come in a wide range of styles and are available in all different sizes. These are not just your grandfather’s tires anymore. Choose different colored rims, caps, center caps, wheel covers, caliper covers, and even colored lug nuts and locks to give your ride the look you want.

Customizing your vehicle will not only give your vehicle a new look but will give you the respect you deserve on the road. Let Truck Trucks help you get the perfect customizations for your vehicle. Call us today!

Customizations with Trick Trucks

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