Maryland Trailer Hitch Installation

Trailer Hitch Installation in Maryland & More

Trailer Hitch InstallationHave you always dreamed of owning a boat or maybe a camper? If so, you need a way to tow these bad boys around. And that’s one of the reasons you bought a truck, right? Of course it is. Now you just need to install a trailer hitch on the back of your truck and you will be on your way.

Trailer Hitch Installation in Maryland

First, you must figure out which type of trailer hitch best fits your needs. Trailer hitches are given a “class” rating that defines their towing capacity and receiver opening size, with classes range from class I to class V. For a more detailed explanation of each class, please read our previous blog post, “Knowing the Difference Between Trailer Hitch Classes.” If you have any questions about which trailer hitch best fits your needs, Trick Trucks is here for you.

Trick Trucks carries an extensive line of trailer hitches and we will be more than happy to help match you with the perfect hitch for your towing needs. Best of all, our trailer hitches can be purchased in our showroom and can be professionally installed at all of our twelve locations, throughout Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Virginia.

We offer a full line of wiring and lighting products, as well as custom installation for all of your trailer needs.

With over 30 years of service, our counter sales staff will keep you up to speed on the latest accessories that we can install on your vehicle. Whether it is your own personal vehicle, or your work truck, Trick Trucks will provide factory authorized service for all of your installation needs. All work is guaranteed and all factory warrantees apply.

If you have any questions about Trailer Hitch Installation in Maryland or want to know more about one of our many other Interior Truck Accessories and Exterior Truck Accessories, please contact Trick Trucks today by calling 1-866-60 TRICK or click here! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!