How Can I Trick My Truck’s Wheels?

For the driver looking to change their ride without the weight of a permanent change, tricking out your truck’s wheels can be a great way to improve both look and utility. Whether you are interested in adding a little personalized style to your ride or want to change the whole exterior, Trick Trucks has compiled a guide to some of the many tire customization we offer at our locations.

truck's wheels

Adjust your wheel size.

Wheel size adjustments is the perfect customization for any owner looking to improve their ride in addition to visual aesthetic. There are proven advantages to both bigger and smaller wheels – the only deciding factor is what adjustment would work better for your day to day driving habits.

Due to the wider surface area, larger tires tend to handle in both dry and wet conditions. The improved ground grip allows for better traction, which can increase acceleration.

On the contrary, smaller wheels serve to provide better fuel efficiency and mileage. The shorten diameter offers lower rolling resistance, meaning the engine does not have to work as harder to accelerate or maintain speed.

Customized wheels.

At Trick Trucks, customization is our specialty. Customization is the only way to get the look and feel you deserve from your vehicle. If you are looking for a way to enhance the style of your vehicle without forfeiting the function or safety ratings, then customized wheels might be the best option for you.

Since custom wheels are made fit to order for each specific vehicle, the new wheels will be the same diameter and size as the factory produced tires. Even though they are similar to factory tire, custom wheels have the added benefits of superior braking and enhanced acceleration.

Rims, rims, and rims.

The additional of new rims can give your vehicle a lot of character for a small price. For those looking for a visually appealing rim, opt for matte black, chrome, gloss, or even add a pop of color.

If you are looking for new rims to aid in functionality, there is a wide variety of material to choose from for your rim needs. Alloy based rims have a lighter weight, which is helpful in terms of handling and performance. On the other hand, steel makes for a higher rim, but is significantly less expensive and can be quickly fixed by hand.

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