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Truck Bed Covers versus Truck Bed Caps

Truck Bed Caps and Covers
A truck bed cap is just one of the many different ways of protecting your truck and cargo!

There are a lot of advantages to having a bed cover for your pickup truck. Not only does it keep your truck bed from rotting from rain, but it will also keep your bed clean, debris free, and presentable. But when choosing a bed cover, which kind will you choose? Should you go classic like your grandfather’s truck or something a bit more modern? Well, let’s check out your options.

Soft Covers

There are several different types of flat covers for your truck: soft tonneau covers, roll-ups, folding, retractable, and fiberglass lids. Each of these covers has different advantages and disadvantages to them. The least expensive cover is the soft tonneau cover. Most of these covers have a frame with support bows that clamp to the truck. They do not require drilling into your bed for installation. The cover is easily snapped into place and works to protect the bed and cargo from the elements.

Roll-Up Covers

The next in line is the roll-up covers. They are easily rolled up to the front of the bed when not in use. This kind of cover also has a frame and requires no drilling. This material has a vinyl coated surface on both sides of the cover and a rear tensioning system so it can be attached in severe cold. The rear rail locks into the side framework, which offers security when the vehicle is equipped with a locking tailgate.

Folding Covers

Folding covers come in two different styles: hard and soft. The soft covers allow for easy access to the bed and for cover removal. Hard folding covers are easy to use but add security to the vehicle. This bed is good for people who routinely carry taller cargo because they are easily removed.

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers are flush against your bed and are available in a wide variety of materials. These covers provide a clean appearance as well as ease that most truck owners love. These covers lock securely and don’t require removal to access your bed.

Fiberglass Lids

Fiberglass lids are popular when an owner wants something that will blend in with their truck. The covers can be painted to match your truck, making it look like it was always a part of the vehicle. These lids are quite heavy at approximately 110 pounds but they are removable. Some models can be removed with release hardware that leaves the frame behind while others are removable by using releasing clamps and that remove the lid and framework together. When they are in place, they can be locked and prevent the tailgate from being opened. They are strong and durable for security.

Fiberglass Truck Caps

Fiberglass caps are one of the favorite truck accessories. They are molded and painted to match the vehicle’s color, giving your truck a stylish appearance. Fiberglass truck caps are designed to suit how you use your truck. They can be tailored for contractors, outdoorsy people, and general use. They are functional without sacrificing looks.

Aluminum Truck Caps

Aluminum caps are made for heavy duty applications. They are available in standard colors as well as a variety of window options. They are standard caps that will protect your truck and cargo from the elements. These caps give you added security with locking mechanisms to keep your truck and cargo safe.

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