Different Types of Bed Covers

Trucks serve a wide variety of utility purposes. The bed of a truck allows drivers to effectively store possessions and transport cargo.

Bed covers serves to protect these belongings during travel, from damages and prying eyes. Choosing a type of truck bed covers is dependent on the wants and needs of the driver.

truck bed covers

Hard & Soft Tonneau Bed Covers

When it comes to truck bed covers, it is hard to beat the benefits of Tonneau covers. Tonneau covers come in two main options: hard and soft.

Hard Tonneau covers will not only keep your possessions out of view, but they also provide superior security. These covers are made from hard materials such as aluminum and fiberglass that can not easily be cut or torn. This will prevent thieves from entering your truck bed.

If you are looking for a certain look, hard covers offer a textured and finished exterior to achieve an aggressive and durable look.

On the other hand, a soft Tonneau cover works to keep your possessions safe from the elements. Soft covers are typically made from canvas, polyester, and vinyl, all of which provide a smooth look to your truck bed.

Rollup Tonneau Covers

Roll-up truck bed covers are the least expensive option, but this also means they are less durable.

The primary benefit of roll-up covers is the easy installation – no drilling is required, simply fasten the cover to the sides of the truck bed with clamps. As the name would suggest, drivers simply roll the cover back towards the cab of the truck and fasten with the provided straps.

Retractable Bed Covers

Retractable truck bed covers are built for functionality and appearance. The bed cover lays flat on top of the truck bed, just like hard and soft covers. It is mounted to both the sides and the front of the truck bed, allowing drivers to roll the cover back neatly and securely.

A retractable cover allows drivers to easily transition from a hard cover to an open bed in a matter of seconds. Not only will you be able to keep your bed cover in excellent condition, but you can also keep your belongings in excellent condition as well.

Tilt Bed Covers

When you open the hood of your vehicle, the hood is propped open – tilt bed covers are designed with the same idea in mind. Hinges are installed near the cab to allow for easy opening. Gas shocks help drivers lift the bed cover and keep it open.

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