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Truck Tips: Carpet Bed Liners

A carpet bed liner, also known as a rug bed liner, serves to protect the truck bed from damages caused by cargo. Despite what the name suggests, a carpet bed liner is not actually carpet. Instead the liner is made from a carpet-like material, such as polypropylene or foam. 

Choose the complete carpet kit. 

Many truck drivers choose carpet bed liners due to their soft and comfortable material. The material is easy on the feet and knees, which is extremely important when repeatedly climbing in and out of the bed to move cargo. This will help individuals avoid common injury, bruises, or strains that are consistent with owning a truck.

To get the most out of your bed liner, opt for the complete kit, which includes bed mat, tailgate mat, and side walls. In addition to protecting the truck passengers, carpet bed liners are meant to protect both the truck and cargo. The carpet-like material creates a skid-resistant surface that helps prevent cargo from sliding or shifting during transportation. 

Rather than just covering the bed floor, the complete kit will offer total coverage and minimize damages to your truck. The thick carpet-like material will prevent dents or scratches when moving, loading, and unloading cargo.

Always give it a good clean. 

Similar to interior carpeting, exterior carpet bed liners can stain and dirty easily. The best part about these bed liners is that they are custom fit, which makes them easy to install and remove. 

drivetrainWhen cleaning your carpet bed liner, start by removing all the items from your truck bed and sweeping away rocks, sticks, and dirt. After removing the bed liner, treat noticeable stains by scrubbing the area with an automotive degreaser or an all-purpose automotive cleaning gel.  

Once you have successfully scrubbed the stains, use a high-power pressure washer to finish cleaning the bed liner. You can also use the pressure washer to clean the bed of your truck before re-installing the bed liner. Make sure both the bed and liner are completely dry before placing the liner back in place – this will help prevent mold or mildew from growing. 

Watch for rips and tears.

Compared to spray-on bed liners, drop-in carpet bed liners are more susceptible to rips and tears over time. It is important for truck owners to keep an eye out for any bed liner damage. Carpet bed liners are completely water-resistant, but any cracks will allow moisture to get underneath the liner and damage the truck. If left untreated, the moisture will cause the truck bed to corrode and rust. 

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