Trucks or SUVs – Which Should You Choose?

For The Dogs

Animals are a huge part of the family. Whether you own one or ten, animals need room in your vehicle as well. With vet appointments, trips to the park, or any other reason, they need to be able to fit in there comfortably. This is where an SUV is the ideal option. Most of them have the ideal height to hold our furry friends!

Trucks or SUVs

Work Vehicle

The average trunk won’t do if you need to have a work vehicle. Have a need to haul around building supplies, tools, or other heavy equipment? While SUVs have the room per say, trucks are the overall best choice here. Truck beds are lined so that they can take a beating and house any dirt that may be brought in from your materials.

Big Family

If you are a part of a big family, figuring out transportation can be a bit tricky. While you can pile into multiple vehicles or hop into a pickup truck, what you really need is three rows of seating. Pickup trucks are more for a utility type purpose, while an SUV can suit the purpose of extra space.


When we enter the colder months, winter weather and all that it brings is something to be aware of. Snow is of the biggest concern and you need the safest possible vehicle to navigate through it. Here, the most important aspect is ground clearance. The higher elevated your vehicle is, the easier it is to get through the snow. That’s why in this case, we recommend either an SUV or truck to get you through it. 

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