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True You Need to Do These Vehicle Maintenance Tasks?

Is It True You Need to Do These Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tasks?
Whenever something goes wrong with our cars, we tend to put off making repairs. But basic vehicle maintenance can be simpler than you might think.

Whenever something goes wrong with our cars, we tend to put off making repairs. But basic vehicle maintenance can be simpler than you might think. Instead of playing a dangerous waiting game, which could potentially make any problems worse, consider attempting some vehicle maintenance before reaching out to the pros. Is it true you need to do these basic vehicle maintenance tasks?

Changing Your Oil

Don’t overlook the importance of an oil change; although you could always take your car or truck to the shop and have them take care of it, changing your ride’s oil by yourself is something of a lost art. It could just be that modern convenience has given way to the rugged image of the car owner who can fix everything. Even so, you should make sure your oil is properly changed every time you reach 5,000 miles, and definitely before you exceed your next 10,000 miles. You’ll need several necessary items to get this done, such as:

  • Wrench
  • Liquid funnel
  • Brand new filter
  • Oil pan

Rotating Your Tires

Rotating your tires from time to time will also help them keep them from blowing out. You don’t want to be going down the road to school or work or the grocery store when one of your tires unexpectedly explodes. So when you try switching your tires around, just remember that the front tires should go on the back, and the rear tires should go on the front. Likewise, tires on the right-hand side should go on the left, and so forth. Take this opportunity to check on the condition of your brakes, and make sure you have adequate air pressure in each of your tires.

Ensuring Tire Pressure

The air pressure during cold weather is lower than normal, so the pressure inside your tires is going to be affected as well. Guaranteeing you have enough tire pressure will help your vehicle run more smoothly and safely, and you can get more fuel efficiency out of your ride as well.

Checking Your Brakes

Our last basic vehicle maintenance tip has to do with checking on your brakes. All you need to do is see how quickly your brakes respond when you press the appropriate pedal. It if starts screaming, shrieking, or squealing, then you’ll know something is wrong. It might be time to replace them before they can deteriorate even more.

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