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Types of Flat Truck Bed Covers

truck bed covers
Truck bed covers protect and keep cargo out of sight.

Truck bed covers are a great way to secure the load in your truck bed. With such a huge variety of different types, styles and manufacturers of truck bed covers, how do you determine which one is right for your truck? Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

Soft Tonneau Covers

Soft tonneau covers are the most inexpensive type of truck bed cover. They’re also an effective option for protecting your truck bed and cargo from weather or keeping your cargo out of sight. Soft tonneau covers use a frame that clamps to your truck without the need for drilling. A soft vinyl cover then snaps to the framework.

Roll-Up Covers

Roll-up covers operate similarly to soft tonneau covers and require no drilling to clamp to the truck bed. A roll-up cover will protect your truck bed from the elements, and is more “all-season” than tonneau covers. They can be attached even in extreme cold.

Soft and Hard Folding Covers

Folding covers are a very accessible truck bed cover option due to their ease of use. Soft folding covers enable easy truck bed access and cover remodel. Hard folding covers also provide the same ease of use, but add an extra layer of security when the vehicle is equipped with a locking tailgate. Soft and hard folding covers are a particularly great option for truck owners who routinely carry taller cargo.

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers have the ability to retract into a canister at the front of the truck bed. This unique feature provides locking security and the convenience of a cover that doesn’t need to be removed for truck bed access. Retractable covers can also be secured partially open, a feature not often found in other types of truck bed covers.

High Impact Plastic Lids

High impact plastic lid covers are popular with truck owners that want an easy to remove, locking flat cover for their cargo. These covers feature clean lines, a black textured finish and provide a great deal of durability and security. These covers typically weigh less than 60 lbs and can be removed in minutes, providing quick access to cargo.

Fiberglass Lids

Painted fiberglass lids are a stylish options for truck owners who want a cover that matches the look and feel of their truck. Fiberglass lids are reinforced for strength and durability. Some models feature quick release hardware for easy lid removal, while other models are removable by releasing mounting clamps.

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