Upgrade Your Truck to Be Family-Friendly

With every new model year comes new technology and features. However, you do not need to trade-in every twelve months to get the latest and greatest for your family. Consider fixing up your vehicle with these five upgrades to make any model feel new again. Your family will be sure to appreciate the hard work when it comes time for long summer car rides to vacations and weekend getaways.


Back Seat Organizer

All parents know what it takes to keep their children entertained and happy on a long car trip. That is where the back-seat organizer comes into play. Anything from snacks and books to games and drinks can fit neatly and snuggly into this designated organizer.

The device is designed to fit securely on the back of the front seats, facing the back-seat passengers. Every pouch and pocket are located just an arm’s reach away from the back seat.

Rear-Seat Entertainment

If you are looking for something a tad more high-tech than an organizer, we might suggest installing rear-seat entertainment. Choice of screen sizes range anywhere between 5 inches to 25 inches.

Just like the back-seat organizer, the TV system can easily be installed into the back of the front seats. Or, if you prefer to just have one screen, it can be installed overhead. The overhead screens are considered superior due to their ability to remain hidden from view when flipped-up.

Built-in Vacuum

We know what you are thinking: where has this been my whole life? No more lugging the vacuum outside, no more stopping at the gas station to use ineffective vacuums, and most importantly, no more lost cheerios or goldfish snacks. The built-in vacuum cleaner is finally here, and even better than expected.

The vacuum can be placed inconspicuously behind a side panel in the trunk. Simply lift the panel to reveal a vacuum hose long enough to reach the front floorboards. Emptying the vacuum is just as simple. After opening a secondary side panel to reveal the vacuum itself, you can remove the canister to empty.

Window Tinting

Tinting your windows does more than just enhance the look of your vehicle, it helps protect the health and wellness of your passengers. Tinted windows can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and reject solar heat.

Backseat passengers are often not as fortunate to have air conditioning in the hot summer months compared to their front seat counterparts.

Depending on the grade, tinted window can protect up to 65% of solar heat built-up, which can keep your family nice and cool all summer long.

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