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Upgrading Your Rims

New Rims
New tires can help complete your truck’s new look! But what kind of rims should you get? We can help you decide!

When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, one of the most common and easiest ways is to add new rims. But before purchasing a random set of wheels, there are some things you should think about.

Size and Bolts

When choosing a new set of rims for your vehicle, you must consider the size you would like. While big rims are great when they fit your truck, you must consider how large rims will look on your car. Larger rims are more expensive and require larger, more expensive tires. Wheels that do not fit your vehicle can also not achieve the desired effect and look awkward. To determine the correct size of your new rims, consider what size tires you would need. The bolt pattern will help you determine two things: the number of bolts and how far the bolts are apart. These bolts on your existing rims will tell you which option is the best for your new rims. Most bolts are 5.5 inches apart with the exception of five bolt rims that are five inches apart. After adding a lift kit to your truck or SUV, new tires are an extremely important step to achieving the look you want.

Steel versus Cast Alloy

There are two main kinds of rims to choose from: steel and cast alloy. Each of these rims has different attributes. Steel rims are made from heavy duty steel and are tough enough to withstand extensive punishment. Their stamped construction provides durability and a more consistent composition. These rims are inexpensive and are cost-efficient for consumers. Cast wheels are made of an aluminum alloy and are made in a low-pressure casting process that makes the metal flexible. These wheels are rust resistant and have a shiny appearance. They do not take well to being driven off-road or being ridden hard. These rims are perfect for vehicles modified and built for speed because of they are lightweight. Cast alloy rims also come in a wide variety of prices depending on style, size, and brand.

To complete your vehicles new look, consider a new set of steel or cast alloy rims. For more information on these rims as well as our tire specials, contact your local Trick Truck tire expert!

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